Corner Lift Lip

The Corner Lip Lift, also known as "Outer Lip Lift" or "Lateral Lip Lift" or "Lateral Vermilion Advancement may be performed at the same time as a Lip Lift or independently, depending on the concerns and needs of the patient. The Corner Lip Lift allows for increased 'red lip' show near the corners of the upper lip. The procedure is performed by surgically removing skin just above the lateral vermillion border (red lip border) of the upper lip. You may be a candidate for the Corner Lip Lift procedure if you have concerns about the loss of red lip show near the upper lip corners or the appearance of downturned corners of the mouth. Any adult aged patient seeking to improve a ‘turned in’ lateral lip can be a candidate.

During the normal aging process, the red portion of the lip (vermillion) decreases in height and the skin-covered portion of the upper lip (cutaneous lip) elongates. Volume is lost from the red lip as well as from portions of the cutaneous lip responsible for lip contour including the white-red border of the lip (the "white roll." In addition, the lateral portion of the upper red lip may decrease in height which minimizes 'red lip show' near the lip corners. In some cases, the lateral red lip appears to 'turn in' which may contribute to the appearance of downturned corners of the mouth. Together, these changes impart a less youthful appearance to the lip and mouth.

The surgical incision is concealed within the transition between the vermillion border and the lip skin, where the 'red' lip meets the 'cutaneous' upper lip (skin). The amount of skin removed depends upon Dr Mirmanesh's evaluation, the patient's goals and the laxity of the skin. The underlying lip muscle is not disturbed. The incision is meticulously closed to hide the scar.

Procedure Overview

Before Corner Lift Lip Surgery
After Corner Lift Lip Surgery

Average surgical time: 60 minutes

Anesthesia type: Local in Office

Estimated Cost: $3,200 USD


Back to work: 1 week

Return to exercise: 4 weeks

How Dr Mirmanesh maximizes your outcome

Scar optimization with silicone gel and adjunct laser scar therapy
Incision hidden in lip contours
Pain control with local anesthesia injection at procedure conclusion

Am I a good candidate?

Non smoker
No medical conditions that reduce wound healing
No history of keloids/abnormal scarring
Unhappy with appearance
Realistic goals

Results Gallery

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