Brazilian Butt Lift

If you’d like to achieve an hourglass shape and accentuate your natural curves, a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) could help. A BBL is a two-step procedure that encompasses liposuction and carefully placed fat transfer injections to give you a curvier figure while still appearing natural.

Individuals who have a flat, sagging, or asymmetrical buttocks, or those who feel that their buttocks are too small for their body and wish to achieve a more balanced look can often benefit from this procedure. It’s important to have enough fatty tissue available to achieve your expressed goals.

Excess fat will be removed using liposuction from donor areas, commonly the abdomen, back, love handles, hips, or thighs, and then the fat is processed. The processed fat is then reinjected back into the buttocks to create larger, perkier buttocks. Dr. Mirmanesh also takes this opportunity to enhance the shape of the areas surrounding the buttocks, contouring the waistline, hips, and thighs as needed to help produce a better outcome.

Following a Brazilian butt lift, patients should not sit directly on their buttocks for at least three weeks. This is imperative to optimal and long-lasting results and allows for maximal fat survival. It may seem awkward to avoid sitting for several weeks, but there are a few tips and tricks! For example, you can roll up a towel or yoga mat and place it under your thighs when you sit. This removes the pressure from your butt and places it onto your thighs. There are several butt pillows that we may recommend. You can rest or sleep on your stomach or side as well.

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Procedure Overview

Before Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery
After Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Average surgical time: 3 hours

Anesthesia type: General in Certified Surgical Center

Estimated Cost: $10,000 USD


Back to work: 2 weeks

Return to exercise: 6 weeks

How Dr Mirmanesh maximizes your outcome

Scar optimization with silicone gel and adjunct laser scar therapy
Waistline contouring in addition to buttock reshaping
Pain control with local anesthesia injection at procedure conclusion

Am I a good candidate?

Non smoker
No medical conditions that reduce wound healing
No history of keloids/abnormal scarring
Unhappy with appearance
Realistic goals

Results Gallery

For the most up-to-date results from our very satisfied patients, visit us on Instagram.