Tummy Tuck - Mini


Mini Tummy Tuck may be the best option when the laxity of the abdominal skin and muscle is isolated to the area below the belly-button (umbilicus). A Mini Tummy Tuck is a popular option for men and women in the Greater Philadelphia area to help them tighten and slim their waistlines.

A Mini Tummy Tuck does not adjust the belly-button, so the skin above the umbilicus (belly-button) must look good before a Mini Tummy Tuck in order to look good after. Excess fat above the umbilicus can be treated with Liposuction. It also typically does not address weakened or separated abdominal muscles above the belly button. Scars that are present within the area to be excised can often be removed entirely to help improve postoperative contour. Depending on the location of tattoos on the abdomen, they may be removed also.

A mini tummy tuck can occasionally be combined with other surgeries, most commonly with breast enhancement surgery or liposuction. Breast enhancement in combination with a mini tummy tuck is often referred to as a mommy makeover. The length of your scar is going to depend on the amount of excess tissue that needs to be removed. Regardless of the length of the incision, Dr. Mirmanesh will instruct you to wear your "lowest cut" underwear or bikini on the day of surgery to make sure the incision is covered by the garment.

Procedure Overview

Before Tummy Tuck - Mini Surgery
After Tummy Tuck - Mini Surgery

Average surgical time: 3 hours

Anesthesia type: General in Certified Surgical Center or Local in Office

Estimated Cost: $8,000 USD


Back to work: 2 weeks

Return to exercise: 4 weeks

How Dr Mirmanesh maximizes your outcome

Scar optimization with silicone gel and adjunct laser scar therapy
Incision as low as possible, hidden in undergarment
Pain control with local anesthesia injection at procedure conclusion

Am I a good candidate?

Non smoker
No medical conditions that reduce wound healing
No history of keloids/abnormal scarring
Unhappy with appearance
Realistic goals

Results Gallery

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