Upper Body Lift

An upper body lift removes excess skin of the upper back and can be extended into the armpit and upper abdomen just under the bra line to remove excess skin and fat 360 degrees. This procedure is also known as a back lift or bra line back lift. In some individuals, a back lift alone without 360 degrees of excess removal is all that is needed.

Oftentimes after significant weight loss, patients are left with excess skin along the chest and underneath the armpit area, and it can continue around the upper back. Many women are bothered by excess skin hanging over the bra line. Similar to the lower body lift, the upper body lift involves removal of skin and fat around the upper back and side. Careful attention is placed on positioning the scar to fall just under the bra or bikini line.

The exact body lift procedure will differ depending on each patient’s body type and desired outcomes. Generally, an incision will be placed in the most hidden possible location in order to improve shape and contour 360 degrees around the patient. Excess skin will be removed, as will excess fat deposits. Liposuction will be used as needed to provide the best contour. The skin will be pulled together and sutured to create a slimmer silhouette.

Procedure Overview

Before Upper Body Lift Surgery
After Upper Body Lift Surgery

Average surgical time: 4 hours

Anesthesia type: General in Certified Surgical Center

Estimated Cost: $16,000 USD


Back to work: 2 weeks

Return to exercise: 5 weeks

How Dr Mirmanesh maximizes your outcome

Scar optimization with silicone gel and adjunct laser scar therapy
Incision hidden in natural skin creases/undergarment areas
Pain control with local anesthesia injection at procedure conclusion

Am I a good candidate?

Non smoker
No medical conditions that reduce wound healing
No history of keloids/abnormal scarring
Unhappy with appearance
Realistic goals

Results Gallery

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